Strophe [collection of works 2006​-​2010]

by Graveyard Love

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A selection of recorded works completed roughly between 2006-2010. All songs were recorded in either a bedroom, a basement or a cave you could call a room.The various changes in recording methods, mixing flaws and overall lo-fi production is testament to growth and a homage to New Zealand musical tradition. While it is impossible to be objective, change is a natural progression. This selection is a tribute to all people who have lofty and unrealistic dreams.


released August 13, 2012

All songs written, performed, recorded and engineered by Graveyard Love.




Graveyard Love New Zealand

New Zealand based artist Graveyard Love creates a sound that exists somewhere between an 80’s getaway car scene and the desolate mood in the factories on the outskirts of town. Through the layering of the organic with the electronic, Graveyard Love develops songs that have been variously described anywhere from catchy pop rhythms to distorted noise anthems. ... more

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Track Name: 80s recession
I coughed up my labotomy with my hair so cool and you infront of me
we wait up late and watch the news of the economy
She sat up as he fell the world goes up for a cheap thrill modern man on our arse we go to hell.
We live fast die alone falling like our dads did out of job on the ground it's been done before
(we're done for)

She's got a nice bag!
He's got his car!
Track Name: Existential pose
The gods have gone too far my hand doesn't operate the way I want to any more.

My friend this is a conspiracy I thought you said you knew how, that you we're in control.

People sleep and they drool, got to do nothing the most be the slob of them all.

Get up late and start the day with a cup to consolidate my waste this is a man made joke.

The synthesis has gone to far my decadent life drags beside me on the ground.

Cacophony of 16bit lies wasting and wanting in my existential pose.

Gee kid your really a machine take a leap and accept to the extreme as we...

... roll to the ground!
(My existential pose!)
Track Name: 4am drunk
I've got this much money to drink away my life
cause I'm just a man in front of bar with a disappointing life on my mind
get out... sit down.... I want to leave this town!

Poor me and now it's just me in this bar
and I know there's nothing...
but I can't see that far tonight
...and I want to know why

always until...
It's 4am and I'm a drunk!
Track Name: Hold me up
Hold me up now because I am flying...
Now honey your lying... to me
Hold me up now because I am dying
We're all up and down.
Track Name: Broken seaside town
Waves wash the town day that i've fallen into again
times distant as always in this, lee on the solent
go to sleep again...
one room apartment blocks where they don't believe in despair
so we just wade out of town through the dark country roads
me and my beautiful one eyed friend

again under this movement i can't sit down
they set us alight with their music from afar but it just sends me down
with all the things that i've found the amazing desolation you see...
on a bicycle as we ride around this broken seaside town

We're waiting for the day that we'll let us go, but i can never stop...
because they want to rest their absent minds on me

so i'll just wander and wonder we're to go next in this broken seaside