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The additional recordings are from when I was recording myself one night with a portable mic. With the indention of getting a recording of a band I went to see, I subsequently drank a little too much and forgot the microphone was still clipped on my collar.
This song is not a celebration of the fact in anyway but purely a garish reminder of obnoxiousness in oblivion.


I've got this much money to drink away my life
cause I'm just a man in front of bar with a disappointing life on my mind
get out... sit down.... I want to leave this town!

Poor me and now it's just me in this bar
and I know there's nothing...
but I can't see that far tonight
...and I want to know why

always until...
It's 4am and I'm a drunk!


from Strophe [collection of works 2006​-​2010], released August 13, 2012




Graveyard Love New Zealand

New Zealand based artist Graveyard Love creates a sound that exists somewhere between an 80’s getaway car scene and the desolate mood in the factories on the outskirts of town. Through the layering of the organic with the electronic, Graveyard Love develops songs that have been variously described anywhere from catchy pop rhythms to distorted noise anthems. ... more

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